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History of Easter Celebrations | Why Easter Celebrated | Significance

Easter 2014, Happy Easter History, Easter, Greetings Quotes

Easter is of great importance for the Christians around the world as it marks the re birth of Jesus Christ.

Easter 2014 is celebrated around the globe to observe the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion, on the first Sunday after the full moon that occurs upon or next after the Spring Equinox. Before easter forty days of Lent are observed, a period of prayer and self-denial for Christians. The period of Lent includes Holy Week, the week immediately preceding Easter Sunday.

Easter 2014 History
The Blessings of Jesus Christ
For the Christian Bible Believers (especially in the New Testament) Easter is essential. Christian Bible Believers, by Faith, believe that Jesus rose from the dead three days after his death by crucifixion on the cross, as mentioned in Matthew 27 verses 1-50 and 1 Corinthians 15 verses 1-8 in the New Testament of the Bible. Faith is explained in Hebrews Chapter 11 verses 1- 40 in the Christian Bible.
For some Christians (such as the Pentecostals or Apostolic Believers) the death of Christ represents repentance from sins (or from breaking the Commandments of God as mentioned in Exodus Chapter 20 verses 1-20). So when a prospective believer repents, he or she becomes dead to sin as part of the process. When the individual is baptized by water (immersed in water) the person is buried and when the Holy Spirit is received, the resurrection of the person takes place. The last part (resurrection by receiving the Holy Spirit) is considered the most important because it indicates tahe completion of the process, as was the case with Christ.

Faith, belief and accepting the above (death, burial and resurrection) completely is very essential to Christians for two main reasons.

Firstly, Christians by faith live their entire lives according to and in agreement with the Bible Commandments and Teachings from the Old to the New Testament. In their daily lives, the Believers will expect and receive the provisions of basic needs, guidance from evil or law breakers in the societies in which they live, protection from unwelcome dangers or harms, healing of the body and mind, miracles, and such alike.

The second has to do with Eternal Life from God. This is the most important reward for Christian Believers. They all do what the Bible says until their deaths so they will receive their rewards in Heaven.
Thus the significance of the Principle of Easter (death, burial and resurrection) becomes critical to a Believer and Eternal Life. And eternal life is granted to those who keep or obey God's Commandments all the days of his/her life until natural death from life.

Therefore, in ending, Easter has great significance to Christian Bible Believers in the world. A Christian is usually someone who believes in God, the Bible, has repented from sins, is baptized by water and received the Holy Spirit from God. Christians thus see Easter not only as a festival but as a symbol of everything the Bible teaches them. Everything that connects them to Christianity, Bible and Jesus is signified through the Easter celebrations.

Easter 2014 Celebrations | Easter Greetings | Easter Decorations Ideas
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Easter 2014 Celebrations Ideas | Easter Holidays | Decorations

No matter how well one celebrated their last festival, everyone in this world wants to make the current celebration the best and most memorable one. Be it Easter or any other festival you always want to feel special and different at the same time. And there comes a lot of pressure to make this Easter season a better than the previous. Easter is meant to be fun and joyous. Thus, here are we discussing some ways in which you can spread the aroma of Easter 2014 better than 2013 one.

1. Make your mind that everything will go well although it is not. This is the first step to be happy.

2. Understand the spirit of Easter. Easter is all about spirit and what you perceive from it. If you don’t understand the significance, there wouldn't be Easter at all.

3. Spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Because of Easter Sunday mostly it’s a holiday but if not then take a leave.

4. Gift someone secretly.

5. Sit down with your family and discuss about Easter and Dos & don’t Dos.

6. Take a look at your wallet. Surely it really important to gift but remember happiness is the greatest Easter gift you can ever give. It requires no money whatsoever.

7. Get out of the boring style. Have a different look.

8. If you are going to host an Easter party, stop worrying about how the house is going to look. Some White Easter trees and colored eggs are ample enough.

9-Connect with old friends and relatives you haven’t been in touch with.

10. Instead of wasting money donate churches and less privileged people. You’ll feel more contented.

11. Arrange some Easter food for some starved people.

 12. Decide to perform a good deed every day.

13. Accept your relations just as they are. No one has seen the future. Who knows what happens tomorrow?

14. Do something different this year like changing dinner venue or having it with family rather than hanging out with friends.

15. Volunteer your time and contribute to others. Donate in churches or feed hungry people.

16. Express you love and gratitude to your loved ones and God as well. It will be the best Easter gift for them.

17. Find an inspirational movie about Easter (we’re sure three would be some) and watch it family.

18. Deliver Easter cookies to neighbors, family & friends.

19. Chill out. If possible take out some time and play with little children.

20. Organize egg hunt ceremony if you’re a sports and fun loving.

21. Read some mythological books and find out the resurrection story of Jesus and connection of Easter with him.

22. Read some short stories about Easter celebration.

23. Learn some of the symbolism of the Easter tree.

24. Offer candy and Easter cakes to poor children.

25. Organize feast with the help of municipality or friends for the poor and volunteer in it. You will feel happy from conscience.

26. This Easter visit your parents it they stay away.

27. Put up your Easter lights this year. It’ll allure you.

28. Visit church as it’s a God’s day.

29. Listen to some good music.

30. Send Easter greetings across even if annoys you.

We wish, you have a happy joyous and flabbergasting Easter. Happy Easter. Cheers!

What to do this Easter 2014 Holidays ?

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Easter Special Ideas | Easter Gifts Baskets | Easter Eggs

Festivals are something that exhilarate everyone, whether rich or poor, kids or grownups, people home or abroad. Easter is also one of such festivals. The lavish weather adds a lot into it. Here, we are discussing some ways that will make this Easter happy for everyone

Decorating your home is the first way to makeover and make you & your family feel special and amused. You must be aware of common Easter Decorations. Go to church. By doing this you will be performing some ritual as well.  Get the kids dressed in Easter dresses. You can take part in offering prayers and even get a chance to meet the people of the locality. And most importantly you will feel more connected with Jesus.

Gifts Kids chocolates. Every child in the world loves it, and we assure you this will add a sweet smile on their face. One of the best Easter memories that you may remember from your childhood is getting new apparels. Precisely, new clothes as Easter gifts signify that Jesus revived on this very day. Getting new clothes is always fun. You can also remind your kids about the resurrection of Jesus while presenting them. Easter baskets are another way to show your teen how much you care about them and that you're thinking of them.

You can also try to be Easter Bunny. After your child is asleep, place an Easter Basket beside their bed to use in the morning. You can include Chocolate Eggs, Peanut Butter Eggs, chocolate bunnies etc. Pocket money, Movie Tickets, Easter cards, video games, Cookies, crayons can be included as well. You can do it for you parents as well with selecting things that will soothe them.

For people who get less time to spend with family, to make this Easter a special one relax, make the day delightful and try spending time with family, friends and loved ones. This can be one of the best ways to make Easter celebration special as it will give your family utmost pleasure. This can come up as one of the best ideas.

It’s also good that all family members get together on Easter Sunday and discuss the reasons behind Easter celebration. If told in appropriate manner kids will just love this. Make your children understand that Easter isn’t just about the Easter bunny and egg hunts, instead there a lot of meaningful behind it. In addition to telling the Easter story, you can make your day special by attending a religious service to withstand the true meaning of Easter.

You can also plan an Easter Dinner to make Easter Sunday different and believe us it’s a great idea. Prior to that, you’ll have to decide whether you’re planning a large party or a simple meal with your family. A delicious dinner is ample enough to make your Easter celebration a special one.  Ham or lamb, potatoes, some sort of bread and afresh Easter dessert with fruit can be the Easter dishes for the evening. Having a breakfast with family is also a better option. It may include Eggs or Blue Berry Waffles, Fruit, or any other dishes that suite the situation.

Easter is a festival that depicts humanity and kindness. So, if you are well to do then with support of your friends you can try and arrange feast for the poor and less privileged, which contains common Easter Dishes as Easter Eggs.

By performing these tasks you will be able to make many people happy. Believe or not, it will make Easter 2014 a special one and will give a huge satisfaction to the machine that pumps blood. 

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